Pacific TruSteam SC81 Hood

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Pacific TruSteam SC81 Hood

  • 130°C (260°F) High-Temperature Auto Steam Cleaning
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Deep concave bottom design for improved capture
  • Push Button
  • High-Power LED strip
  • High-Capacity Housing Design
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We’re proud to introduce our new TruSteam range hood packed which innovative technology and unmatched features. TruSteam effortlessly cleans the hood interior by spraying 130℃ high-temperature steam onto the fan blades and interior housing followed by a hot water rinse. This process efficiently removes grease, germs, and odors without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. In addition, our newly developed Whisper-Quiet motor increases performance while operating at nearly inaudible levels on working speed.



TruSteam SC81
Dimensions (W): 30″ | 36″
Lighting: Halogen 35W x 2
Control: Push button
Speed Level: 3 Speed
CFM: 900
Duct Spec: 7”
Max. Consumption Power: 1200W
Net Weight: 30″ 33.66 lbs. | 36″ 36.86 lbs.