Pacific Euro Design PRH-E36AG (Island Hood)

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Pacific Euro Design PRH-E36AG (Island Hood)

  • Optional Ductless Recirculating Kit.*
  • Adjustable Height Duct Covers-Optional up to 12ft. Ceiling.*
  • Virtually noise-free at working speed
  • 3 speed stainless steel mechanical push buttons
  • 50W halogen lamps
  • 5 layer aluminum mesh for improved filtration are dishwasher safe and designed for reuse
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When the Euro style meets 5000-year culinary culture of China, Pacific created a range hood which combines the appearance of the Euro style and power for Asian cooking to satisfy your needs and extraordinary taste



Dimensions (W): 36″
Lighting: Halogen x 2
Control: Mechanical Push
Speed Level: 3 Speed
CFM: 600
Duct Spec: 6”
Max. Consumption Power: 426W
Net Weight: 36″ 87 lbs.